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We are located in Huntsville, AL, and we provide quality family care, as well as urgent care for all ages.

We have a location in downtown Huntsville, and we also have a Winchester Road location. 

HAPPI Family Care offers quality pediatric care for your little one by a pediatrician, as well as adult services provided by a family practitioner. HAPPI Urgent Care offers quick and easy treatment for illnesses and injuries without scheduling an appointment.

Also available:Happi/Wellstone Services


HAPPI Urgent Care on Franklin St. has moved right next door to 807 Franklin St. The direct phone number is (256) 333-3044. 
All scheduled appointments will be seen at 813 Franklin St.

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Top Pediatricians in Huntsville 2016
HAPPI has been recognized as one of the top Huntsville Pediatric practices!

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