Urgent Care



HAPPI Urgent Care

At HAPPI Urgent Care, we are able to treat most illnesses and non-emergent acute issues.  From the common cold to a slip and fall injury and most everything in between, we can treat you and your family quickly and efficiently.  We accept most insurances, including but not limited to:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • HealthSpring
  • BCBS of AL
  • Tricare
  • And many more!  If you are not sure if we accept your plan, please contact your insurance provider for more information.

Cash Pay:

We also have an affordable cash pay rate! (Click HERE for more infomation on pricing for self-pay.) 

HAPPI Urgent Care strives to offer affordable care to our cash pay patients.  A basic office visit is $100 and includes a rapid test and one injection.  Additional services will be paid up front before services are rendered. 

General Overview of Services:

At HAPPI Urgent Care, we offer sports physicals and work physicals at an affordable rate.

We cannot perform annual check-ups or handle chronic conditions at our Urgent Care, but are happy to offer these services with an appointment at our 813 Franklin Office.

We are not able to offer pain managment at our Urgent Care. 

When to go to the ER:

While HAPPI Urgent Care can treat many illnesses and injuries, there are times when you should go the the emergency room.  The following is a list of symptoms that warrant a trip to the ER:

  • For infants less than 6 months of age with fever greater than 103 degrees
  • Stroke or heart attack symptoms
  • Loss of consciousness and/or seizure
  • Severe burns
  • Open fractures
  • Pregnancy related bleeding/complications
  • Any injury related to a car accident
  • Any head injuries

Link to 911 site  http://www.911.gov/whentocall911.html