COVID-19 Updates



We at HAPPI Health will strive to do our best to make sure that our patients and our employees are kept in the safest circumstances possible during these trying times with the COVID-19 outbreak going on. 

As such we have made some changes to our office so please do pay attention to these changes:

Offices and Hours:

HAPPI Health's Main office (813 Franklin Street) and HAPPI Urgent Care (807 Franklin Street) will still be open, but with shorter hours (please do check the hours on this website to stay updated with the new hours)

HAPPI Sparkman will be closed until further notice and HAPPI Behavioral Health appointments will all be moved to the Main Office until further notice. 


When coming into the office (whether for appointments or urgent care walk-ins), we do ask that all patient wait inside their car. An employee from HAPPI will come out to your car to help you. This is to help make sure all patients are brought directly back to a sanitized exam room with no need to wait inside a lobby with multiple individuals. 


HAPPI Health is also proud to announce that we are now offering Telehealth visits for our patients. Telehealth visits are a way to see your provider with no need to physically come to the office. To learn more about our telehealth visits, please do visit this page 


We do thank all of our patients for their cooperation during these times. As such, we do have a letter directly from our CEO to all of our patients: Link here